Edinburgh Napier University. Bright Red Triangle. 219 Colinton Road Edinburgh EH14 1DJ

Exceptional Standard of Care

We pride ourselves on our exceptional standards of patient care. Our clinicians and staff are highly recognised for their skills and their dedication to delivering best-in-class treatment and care.

Why 1st Choice?

1st Choice Resource Group Ltd currently trades in all of Scotland and England . We provide customised health staffing solutions.Our health professional recruiters are experienced and understand the needs of our candidates and clients. We are committed to continuity of care and we are proud to provide best-in-class service.


1st Choice Resource Group Ltd provides experienced and appropriately skilled health care staffing to cover staffing shortages – both short-term and on going. Our team of skilled consultants can help you plan in advance so that you can maintain the continuity of care you provide every day of the year.

Training & Development

1st Choice Resource Group Ltd provide a quality service to our patients, residents and clients by making certain that all our staff meet our specific criteria. Regular mandatory training is provided to all staff. These training are made available to enable you to keep up-to-date with current best practice.

Our Aim

We aim to meet the needs of our clients as they require our services and we are particularly proficient at dealing with last minute requirements.

Our Vision

With our vision, we wish to make a difference in the nursing recruitment industry. By focusing not only on the needs of our client but mainly on the needs of the vulnerable that depend on our workers on a daily basis. This is why 1st Choice Resource Group Ltd was created to make a difference without the extravagance price attached. Our mission is to help nursing home and residential home achieved their target without the strain of inadequate or under-staffing.    

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